Last weekend proved again that there is never a dull moment in Venice. We headed down to the infamous Windward circle for a second straight weekend to check out the sample sale from our buddies down at Lightning Bolt. 

The locals were out in full effect, including A. Kinney Court manager Karena Meyer and Ryan Wainwright, easily the best bartender in Venice, who you can find at the Tasting Kitchen.

Perfect time for a surf brand to have a sale…pre-summer.

Nikki of Gotta Have It is becoming a regular on this blog and Vanessa of course is always part of the fam.

Lookin' good in some  GLCO Brooks frames .

Shawn pictured here in some Wilson  Tokyo Tortoise sunglasses with pure green lenses.

Leave it to Makoto to have some ridiculous purple shades on, works with the shirt tho!

Oh to be young...

It's an official Venice party when Block is there.


Michael and the Strange Land 

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