I don't think people in Los Angeles realize that the metro in Los Angeles is pretty legit. I mean truth be told, if Uber didn't exist, then fine, maybe it make as much sense. But Uber does exist, and bikes exist, and you can pretty much do anything in Los Angeles for a reasonable price now without having to drive. 



They are currently working on extending this all the way down to Santa Monica. Should be done really soon, been working on it forever.



On this day we were cruising to the L.A. Book Fair.



Amanda wearing custom Palms coming to a theatre near you very soon.



Above ground vibes.



Cannon looking sharp with Son's and Daughters  glasses he order from our Venice store  A Kinney Court .



Book fair is in Little Tokyo, thats where we are headed!



Little Tokyo stop.



We made it.



For those of you that don't know this was the 3rd annual and very successful L.A. Art Book Fair at the Geffen Contemporary at MOCA. This is a fantastic event that gathers a unique variety of artists books, art catalogues, collectors, periodicals, zines and more. The event continues to grow.



Estevan in the house.



Make your own album…



Checked it out then headed back home...



on the blue line...



but not before snapping this great moment…



and back to the land of palm trees.

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