Jay The Jeweler used to have the best house parties when he lived on Marco Place. Those were the days. I literally could stop right there, I basically just did and reminisced of all the hilarious memorable things that happened in that backyard. Some weird and not so memorable, but nonetheless, the good ole' Venice days for sure. Then Mark Gainor moved in and it was never the same, kinda. The thing about Jay's parties and his house in general is that he had a section of the inside blocked off where he would cast his jewelry. So there was instant amount of interest in what he does, I mean how often do you get to see the studio of a jeweler while drinking Tecate till 3 in the morning. I never did coax him into actually showing me how it's done in person, a drunken display of his work could have been a sight to see. But I don't recall it crossing my mind. Here's a fun fact though, Jay made my wife's engagement ring. We picked the diamond and I designed it myself with him. Was a pretty rad experience, so every time I see Jay now, there's always that. Jay really is the best though, hard working, good attitude Jay "The Jeweler" LeCompte. You can check out his collection Cast of Vices by clicking here. 



Jay The Jeweler has his own vices, like his motorcycle. I recently saw him out one night and explained to him that he was the only friend I had who rides a motorcycle, and that generally speaking, I don't get along with dudes who love their motorcycles. I thought about that a lot, and decided it's mostly true. It's not like I don't like motorcycle dudes before I meet them, it's just that generally speaking dudes who love their motorcycles a lot don't have a lot in common with me. But not Jay, me and Jay are Finkel & Einhorn, Einhorn & Finkel.



Although motorcycle dudes usually have good denim jackets, slick hair styles, and nice gloves. Fact.



One of Jay's Cast of Vices designs. I think they are trying to say that night clubs, festivals, or anything that needs a wristband are a vice...agreed, just not my vice. I once told Ron Moon that I hated wristbands, he said it's because I'm Jewish.














Jay's no spring chicken… sorry Jay :)



Los Angeles stuff.



And Los Angeles people. Actually, this guy is korean born brazilian or vice versa.



Jay wears the GLCO Westminster in Brandy Tortoise.



Jay surfs, just thought you should know.



COV is Made in Los Angeles. And actually we did our first ever event with them back in 2010. Seems like forever ago, that was a fun night.



Jay's happy place.



Diamonds are forever.



Thanks for being Jay, Jay.

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