The GLCO pumpkin carving contest has become quite the tradition. This is the third year that it has occurred and the stakes were at their highest with grand prize donations from Sol Republic. I know for sure Adrian was going to be legitimately upset had he not won. Somehow neither myself nor Elena has ever won this contest. I for sure know I have never deserved it, but I would think Elena would by now. Especially when combining her competitiveness with her creativity. Check out some of the highlights below.

All photos taken by Helen Nishimura in spooky black and white for your viewing pleasure.

I had only 30 minutes to carve and didn't plan anything. So I was boring and went with Jack from Nightmare before Christmas.

Mario working on the soon to be big winner.

Jennie has a crush on Conan O'Brien, so she made a pumpkin out of him.

Jen Diaz is never not prepared. Full blown arts and crafts project every time.

Jumbo joined in.

We also celebrated Alice's birthday.

Halfway through my crappy pumpkin.

Oh man, what can I say about Angie, she's the best look at her! This makes me smile. I don't think she even carved a pumpkin.

Adrian loves dinosaurs.

Not kidding, my personal favorite was the Ebola virus > that's the one on the left if you're wondering. I actually had no idea that was the symbol for Ebola. Now I do, and it's pretty genius.

Every year there's always a few that incorporate the glasses. Conan O'Brien is wearing the Oxford Sun.

I think that's mine. Yikes.

Bobby and Jason showing true teamwork showing that two minds are better than one.

Elena incorporated a special lens she received from one of our vendors.

Seasons Greetings from GLCO.

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