When I scour through my mom's photo albums from the 80's, there are countless photos of the early days of Oliver Peoples, and the whole team partying in weird places doing things that they would otherwise forget if it wasn't for a camera. Things are a little different these days, first of all, who is shooting on film? I mean, of course I like the shitty disposable camera from time to time, but they still send them to me digitally, hah.  Anyway, the point is, that when I saw these photos from Charles' camera, I was instantly transported to 20 years from now. I know this is the type of assortment of photos that will make you say, "oh my god, remember that apartment?" "What year was that?"

If you don't know, we returned from Paris last week from the annual Silmo Trade Show. For the past few years we've been renting apartments. This year we decided to upgrade our apartment a little as in the past we were staying above a night club called Bus Palladium and we could hear the thumping music all night long. This year was more of a high art vibe.

Probably the raddest personal book collection I've ever seen in person.

Every piece of furniture in this place was a name brand something. I assume this rug was.

If I recall this was a weeknight and we got in trouble for partying. But unlike what you might expect happening to you in lets say any american city, the neighbor didn't come down and knock on the door, they literally hung a water house down from their apartment into our living room window and turned it on. Completely drenching all of us. 

Will, Alex, Darrin.

Looks like we had fun.

Elena & Alex


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