What else are Friday nights for if not for movies, burgers, and hanging out? With the completion of our latest GLCO production in collusion with the one and only Rick Klotz, we thought there'd be no better way to celebrate than exactly that. 

So we schemed up a Friday night film screening at the back lot of our friends over General Admission. (Shameless plug: GA features an insane mix of our classic and customized frames. If you're in Venice, you have to check them out. Along with A. Kinney Court, of course.) Ironically, the film is about Hollywood style, but there's no place like home. So screening in Venice was a no-brainer. 

Cue in the burger truck. 

Feeding the masses. 

Settling down. Person with the best seat is probably Maddy, front row with the blanket. Sup Maddy. 

In the crowd: Cindy Leight, Rick, Maddy, and the good people of GA and Venice. 


Garrett guarding the goods in that In-n-Out truck. KIDDING. This is actually Garrett watching the film intently.

The people. Still hungry for more. More of the film, I should clarify. Well, I've got great news: this is just part 1 of 3 films on Hollywood style. More coming your way soon.

An end to the evening. Thanks again, GA, and thanks to Ridge Production and In-n-Out for making this possible! Photos by Gavin Dogan.

In case you missed out on the film......... here it is in its full glory. Grab some In-n-Out and watch this on your phone in a parking lot and it'll almost be like you were there with us that night. 

Hollywood Style from Garrett Leight on Vimeo.

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