This was my first time in Florence…I know, can you believe it? It almost wasn't my first time in Florence, I don't mean to be dramatic, but my flight from Munich over the Alps was literally the worst flight I've ever been on, and maybe worst I've ever heard that anyone I know has ever been on. Now, I know that's dramatic, but it was awful. No more Alitalia. One time they lost my luggage, and the other time, this! Anyway, let's get into the good stuff...



Day 1 Elena had the brilliant idea to go the central market, which was a life changer. My biggest regret of Florence is that I didn't eat lunch there every day. I wanted to try everything!



The handmade pasta was incredible. You honestly can't believe how good this food is. It literally melts in your mouth.



Elena got her usual meat plate. No one can eat prosciutto like the Duke. 



I am honestly speechless just looking at this. I wish I could eat this again and again and again.



Elena is proud of her olive oil in a bag.



Elena really wanted to take this photo, but I told her it would suck with the Duff beer in the background and that Mario would be the only one that would love it. These Wilson Customs are sick tho.



The crew.



Seriously you should go on the Mod Shop and customize the Wilson with a mirror. It's really a killer. I made it just for this trip and I couldn't take it off.



This horse hated me, do you think it's because I'm Mexican? I'm not sure that's it, Mexico no threat to Italy.



Florence is really beautiful, and I like how small it is.



More of the Wilson.



Thank God my buddy Jeffrey told me to go to the perfumery Santa Maria Novella. It was beyond incredible. It's a museum of perfume. This has to be the singular most incredible perfume experience an individual can have. I have literally been wearing John Varvatos cologne since I was 14. The only reason I do that is because my dad wore it. But my dad HATES cologne. He just always had a bottle in case, and that was what he had. He would never wear it, so I would. And 16 years later, I still wear it. Well those days are gone. I found my new scent from SMN. The only challenge will be finding it when I want to get another bottle.



We scored!



Thanks to Buscemi for an incredible recommendation, Doukas and I got the Steak Florentine and Truffle Pasta per Buscemi's recommendation, he was 1000% right.



This evening was easily my most memorable night, hands down no questions asked. It was like the old days, exhausted from the travel, bit eager to eat something delicious, Doukas and I turned an otherwise average evening into a memorable one. That's what happens when you get a couple of Aries together. Go Creative Design team and most importantly #1 and #2.






Honestly, it is such an honor and we are truly proud to be working with the best Italy has to offer. I remember when I first starting working for Gourmet, their big goal was to get Slam Jam to rep them for Italy. I remember doing research on them and seeing they carried only the coolest brands. 10 years later, we are grateful to be working with the best Italy has to offer. Sitting alongside the likes of Nike, Visvim, Carhart, OAMC, Stussy, and other greats.



This is our main man Giacomo from Slam Jam. He holds it down for GLCO in Italy. Here's to conquering the world my man, well conquering Italy at least.



We hit up that white truffle risotto for lunch. 



Then went to visit one of our accounts that was closed for their lunch break!! That actually really sucked, really wanted to meet them and didn't have another chance to go back.



Had a great dinner with this guy, Nick Wooster.



Had a great dinner with all the boys. Nick Wooster, Jason Jones from Parabellum, Pesko, Corrado, & Simon. Truly a memorable night that has me wanting to go back to Pitti for more.

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