This past weekend we went to check out another great event at the Downtown Historic State Park in Los Angeles, CA. Big Top Fest was a 4 day event that took place under a traditional Big Top Circus Tent and included an intimate headlining performance by Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros in a rotating stage,  a unique farmer’s market, beer gardens, late night happenings, and performances by an eclectic mix of musicians, vaudeville comedy, contortionists, acrobats, puppetry, and interactive performance art.

Edward Sharp and the magnetic zeros is led by Alex Ebert, following a group of about 12 band members. His messianic figure is based in a protagonist story he wrote for his character.  Their sound draws from folk, gospel and psychedelic rock and sometimes combines an orchestra feel to it.

I had the chance to meet the guys while recording their second album "Here" in Ojai, CA. Genuine talented soulful individuals and it's been amazing seeing their progression in the music world today.

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