We are currently in the process of the most intense web re-design I have ever been a part of. I can honestly say however, that I have never been more inspired. The whole approach and idea of creating a website with meaning and value these days is one of the more exciting and challenging obstacles I have faced as the owner and creative director of this company. In about two months time, I honestly think we will introduce the most beautiful website currently available to anyone looking at eyewear online. I know that might not sound humble, but I have just never been engaged in design or web development discussions of this nature. Every day a new exciting idea and development for the site comes to life. I hope in two months time when we launch this thing, I am as proud is I am imagining myself to be. If that moment is half as exciting and energizing (and a little exhausting at times) is anything like the long hours working at my desk and/or losing sleep right now over thinking of ideas to push the boundaries for the site is, then I would be the proudest I've ever been of anything I have ever done. Except for probably two other things….

With that said, the other night we had the most labor intensive 9 hour product shoot for e-commerce that I have ever been a part of.  Here's a little peak into some behind the scenes.


The models had to make the same face, same body position, 1000x times over.  Seriously a talent that only few possess.



Special thanks to one of our models Franki and the awesome hair stylist Brooke.


Elena far right adjusting the frames, Melinda Love Steele on make up and Natalie Toren on styling.



Victor is a beast at making the same face over and over.


Homies on set.



Been a while since we had Paddy Wilkins on set. GLCO loves him to bits.


GLCO regular Kiki von Kiki.


Possible Gosling look alike Phillip Eastman



Special Thanks to everyone who made this possible. Michael Reynolds, Chayse Cohen, Helen Nishimura, Elena Doukas, Franki Holton, Phillip Eastman, Kiki Casillas, Paddy Wilkins, Victor Saldana, Melinda Love Steele, Natalie Toren, Brooke Rodgers, Aaron Okayama, Brittny Chapman…I really hope that covers everyone!

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