For a variety of reasons, I've always struggled with modern day photography. In this era of the Blog, Instagram, Pinterest, the iPhone, and every other display of visual photographic expression, the line has become extremely blurred between what is good photography and what isn't. Also, believe it or not, I'm actually a relatively shy social person. That doesn't mean I don't flourish socially, it means that generally speaking, when I'm not comfortable, the real me doesn't necessarily come out. Or arguably maybe that is exactly who the real me is, because when I'm uncomfortable, I can come across as being not interested in anyone's presence. Anyway, I digress and that's not the point. The point is, over the past years doing this "blog" I have missed handfuls of dozens of opportunities for great content, simply because I hate sticking a camera in someone's face, or an iPhone, or a point and shoot, and even sometimes a nice DSLR (however, that is kind of my favorite option because it is just so official). Or maybe I just hate missing the moment with my own two eyes, so I don't think to photograph it. Deep down I'm not a photographer but I appreciate photography. However, recently while heading to a Dodgers game and an Outkast concert, I had an overwhelming urge to capture it, but no access to a camera. That's when the bright idea of stopping at a Walgreens and buying a disposable Kodak camera hit me. Now in the past, I've been known to be all about something and then a few weeks later not that into it (don't we all have that problem a little bit?), so don't expect me to start becoming a daily blogger, especially since no one in the city develops film anymore in less than a week, but you might expect to see some pretty funky posts from yours truly of some abstractly weird yet true Los Angeles stories of my life. And we'll start with this beautiful random Saturday when my buddy and artist Adam Mars sent me a simple text, "Want to go to a Dodgers game today?"

This is Adam Mars and the first photo I took as we left Walgreens with my new camera, before taking Uber to the 4:15pm game against the Cardinals, which by the way is the absolute best time of day for a baseball game to be played at.  By the way, CHECK OUT ADAM MARS ART, ITS RAD.  

Adam has the best seats in the house. Well, actually Kelsey has the best seats in the house, but who goes to 81 home games? How awesome and vintage does this photo of Yasiel look? I wonder how many Dodgers would actually appreciate that on a disposable camera they look like the 1988 Dodgers. Most of them are 23 years old, so they probably would just say, I can use a filter for that!

Dodger Dogs are the best! I always get two and eat one with nothing on it, just hot dog and bun. The other I either go onions and mustard and maybe add relish, or I'll go ketchup and mustard. 

The Big Hurt was there!! Don't know why, just reminded me of the good ole days. I bet it's been 20 years since someone took a photo of him with a disposable camera, but it definitely used to happen all the time.

Might frame this one. Chavez Ravine at its best hour. This is why a 4:15pm game is the best possible time. Because you get sunset at the park.

So then it was on to a little ratchetness at the Staples Center. Rick Ross killed it and the crowd loved him. I've never seen him before, but he definitely knows how to entertain. 

Outkast was a big deal for me and it completely lived up to and beyond any possible hype. This was the perfect venue for them with their fans in attendance. Not a ridiculous Coachella performance where the children don't know who they are. They played all the hits and some of my favorite tracks. From Da Art of Storytellin Part 1, which Slick Rick the Ruler came out to perform with them! Goodie Mobb was in attendance. Andre 3000 was on point and Big Boi is the complete package. I was so blown away and am dying to see them again one last time. They are truly one of the greatest, if not the greatest rap duo of all time. They really changed the entire direction of rap music in the late 90s and put the south on the map. Their first album is so far out and different from all rap that was going on at the time, it really is mind bending. Put on Southernplayalisticcadillacmusic right now and tell me its not mind blowing. If you don't think so, then I know we don't have remotely similar musical taste.

There was a fight that broke out, which actually deeply saddened me. Don't know why it surprised me so much, guess I've just gotten old and haven't been to a lot of hip hop concerts lately. Just seems so ridiculous, I forgot that people physically fight in public while intoxicated, even when there is incredible music playing live. 

Have to say this, and I am an A$AP Rocky fan, but his performance was terrible. But I'm not surprised, it was a BET sponsored event, and A$AP is kind of at that point of his career where he wants to be a little different, try something different, and he simply took the wrong opportunity to do so. He had a live band and basically turned all of his songs into essentially rock songs over a heavy drum and guitar. It was completely wrong for the crowd in attendance, and paled in comparison to Rick Ross, Outkast, and even DJ Khaled who literally just yelled his name over tracks he's produced, which by the way, the dude has produced a shitload of some heavy heavy hitters in the past 2-3 years, most of which I don't like, but many of which I can definitely bounce my head to a little bit. Anyway, I have mad respect for A$AP and his crew, and they absolutely killed it when I saw them in Pomona about 2 years ago, but this was just all wrong. I'm all for an A$AP rock set, but do it at Coachella or somewhere more yuppy. I will give them one break, their sound was terrible, and they were the only ones with messed up sound. I assume after all these years Outkast has learned their lesson and have such a special sound that they travel with their own sound guy. And Ross has such heavy tracks that he probably has no choice but to have his own sound guy. But it was as if the A$AP crew just went with whatever stock sound engineer Staples Center had to offer, and about 80% of the crowd wasn't feeling it.

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