Okay…this is the last Ceara post for like 20 minutes. No but seriously, this week has been all about C, but it makes sense. That's a huge part of what GLCO is all about. We were built on a small community vibe where working with our friends is and has always been what we are all about. We first featured Ceara back in 2011 when we first dropped our collection. Ceara and her fam are a big part of Venice and true long time community peoples. You'll be seeing a lot of Ceara in the upcoming E-Commerce Studio Shots as well as the featured model in the "Baywatch" inspired photo shoot for our Amelie Pichard collection. 



Even though we make it sound like Ceara McAuliffe is just our friend, let's make sure we get it straight, Ceara takes her modeling career seriously. She was recently seen in a rad campaign for The Quiet Life  and has been featured in everything from Levi's to Warby Parker. We're just lucky she's the homie!



We know we have a lot of male fans, so if you falling in love with her from these photos, that's fine. Just please don't stalk her!



Check out her blog inspired by being the Middle Sister. She has three sisters and a brother. I thought five kids was strictly a Mexican privilege, they aren't even Mormon!



What do you notice first, the Kerouac book or the glasses?



@cearamadelaine  as seen on Instagram.



Thanks C for being you, I'll let the photos do the rest of the talking.





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