We just shot our newest web model portraits for SS15 with the most awesome crew. If you're not familiar, these portraits live on our online product pages so you can see how our frames fit on faces.  We can't quite reveal the new collection just yet, but we can share with you some behind the scenes images I snapped on set.

Helen doing her thang, making beautiful people look even more beautiful.

Ida and Jennie kept the pace smooth and seamless…I want in on whatever they're laughing at!

Reference shot of portraits already on our site. We're lucky to have such photogenic friends (who also happened to look hot in our frames).

He woke up like this.

Photographer Josh Reed and assistant Joe making the magic happen. 

I like a good stalker shot. Mark is either deciding which SS15 frames he wants to add to his collection, or what kind of pizza he wants for dinner.

Patrick killed it on set. He also has perfect hair.

The lovely Sara gets more primping from Helen. 

Our pizza didn't show up and the men were about to regulate!

Drew and his infectious smile.

It doesn't hurt to hire security on set. Pomeranians are also notorious model-charmers.

That's a wrap; keep an eye out for the shots online soon!

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