As you may have noticed, GLCO is experiencing some rapid growth. With two store openings under our belt in 2015, we’re taking an ambitious approach on the new year. But sadly with some gains it’s only natural to have losses. Our customer service maven Angie has been the voice of Garrett Leight California Optical over the phone and via email for the past 3 years. She’s the giant ball of unstoppable sunshine that is the first to greet you in the morning and is the first to tell you about how she wakes up everyday genuinely excited for work. So when Angie told us that she was making a big life change and moving to Seattle, we were excited for her but knew that deep down she would leave some big shoes to fill.

So began the Angie farewell tour. It started with a mandatory happy hour at the local watering hole. Anyone who’s ever hung out in the Arts District has been to Villain's Tavern. A tavern only by name, but in actuality an artisanal hipster haunt that rivals only those in Williamsburg.

The next day was the farewell lunch. We decked out the office in Seattle themed regalia and ate a cake to honor Angie’s years of dedication. As a parting gift, we gave her a little piece of California. A fitted cap with the California state flag on it. Then it was goodbyes and farewell cards.

Darroll's first comment was that, Wow, they even included a comma! Points for being detail oriented. 

Ricardo did the cake cutting honors. 

Adam helped to read some really sweet emails from our reps, and people who've worked with Angie almost on the daily. 

Some of their notes cracked us up, saying stuff about putting up with their calls everyday. Angie's a phenomenal woman, y'all. 

The fitty cap, and a huge smile.

Farewell donuts from Angie. 

Now just days after her move and an engagement post popped up on our Facebook timelines. Looks like Angie’s taking the big plunge and doing just fine. Thank you so much for your hard work and dedication. GLCO will never forget you.

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